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The first Moto X TV spots hit the snooze button in more ways than one (video)


When it came to the Moto X, Google gave us a masterclass in how to build hype, but sustaining it is proving to be a much trickier endeavor. Motorola recently debuted two new commercials on its Youtube channel that aren't nearly as thrilling as they could be. One clip showcases the Glass-inspired "OK, Google Now" command, which lets you dictate notes and set an alarm verbally. It's a neat trick, but it's not exactly seducing the money right out of your wallet. Similarly lacking in earth-shattering impact is the TV spot highlighting the Moto X's 10-megapixel camera. The Quick Capture feature is nifty, but the promise of "fewer photo fails" isn't the most rousing endorsement we've ever heard. To see for yourself, check out both videos after the break.

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