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Patch 5.4 PTR: Siege of Orgrimmar story datamining -- major spoilers


Thanks to our friends over at Adriacraft, we have been alerted to some very interesting new information about the Siege of Orgrimmar. However, this would definitely fall under the category of a spoiler. A fairly epic spoiler at that, so we are doing our best to be bland and uninteresting this side of the break at least. But you know the drill, guys. The juicy tidbits are after the break. And man, if you don't want to see some serious spoilers, you had better not click it.

You also shouldn't read the comments, or basically do anything else. Focus instead on how pretty Orgrimmar looks in this picture. Final warning: spoilers after the cut.

Patch 54 PTR Siege of Orgrimmar story datamining  major spoilers
Now, I'm fairly sure I warned you about spoilers. And I think this counts as a pretty big one, don't you? You can also check out a full size image, if you'd like. So what are we looking at? This is Stormwind's harbor, as you're all no doubt aware, and it's covered in some rather Garrosh-y blue flames, and there's a Horde ship pulled up at the dock. This is not good.

Now, of course, this is datamining, it should definitely be taken as unconfirmed. There are other files that indicate there is something afoot, something that players might participate in, as Adriacraft posted last night in video and map format. But this might well just be a breadcrumb quest, or the opening to a cinematic, or nothing at all. It's hard to draw conclusions about what we're seeing without access to more information, but it's certainly an evocative picture, and interesting to speculate on just what might be going on here.

It looks like some Horde naval retaliation for the Alliance's attacks on Orgrimmar, and perhaps, if it's real, this is a response from Blizzard's story team to the Alliance complaints about their lack of involvement in the story this expansion. Of course, there is something of a war taking place, and it would be rather presumptuous to assume that Garrosh's reach doesn't extend to a few boats and some blue stuff. But seriously, guys, we weren't even finished fixing the Park.

And here's a video from Adriacraft!

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