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PSA: 1,800 pre-orders will get Devil Survivor 2 published in PAL region

Publisher Ghostlight would love to release Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 in the PAL region, but it needs to reach its minimum order quantity of 1,800 units by August 30 in order to do that.

An update on its official blog details two versions of the game: a standalone release of Devil Survivor 2 for £25 and a bundled copy with the 3DS' Devil Survivor Overclocked for £50. The bundle carries a £10 discount and cannot be shipped to Germany due to "an existing distribution agreement."

Devil Survivor 2 continues the series' tradition of following a group of high-school students that save the world by making pacts with demons. If you're on the fence, we were quite fond of it.

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