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Subscription server bound for Allods Online

Eliot Lefebvre

A lot of games have gone from subscription to free-to-play, but that's generally been a one-way street. Allods Online is walking in the other direction. After the game opened a subscription server in Russia a while back, the most recent roadmap for the game reveals that a subscription server is due for release over here after the game's next expansion. That presumably means a lot of the perks from the cash shop will be simply available in-game for a flat monthly rate.

The letter doesn't mention an exact timeframe or what players can expect from the subscription server, but it's quite clear that the development team has heard the demand and is moving forward on the project. There's also talk of hosting a convention for the game's community in the real world, which would be a first for the title. Allods Online fans should stay alert for more news on both the next expansion and the new server type in the coming months.

[Thanks to Mikey for the tip!]

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