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Wasteland 2 delayed to allow for amplified player choice

inXile Entertainment's recent delay of Wasteland 2 is due to the studio's fondness for reactivity, Rock, Paper, Shotgun's interview with inXile CEO Brian Fargo reveals.

Fargo says inXile is "hanging [its] hat on reactivity ... You can shoot or kill anybody in the whole game ... If someone joins your party, you can kick them out, kill them, whatever you want. There's whole sequences you're not gonna see later because you offed the guy ... There's no replacement, no NPC that joins you and acts just like him functionally. He's out. You're just not gonna see it."

Fargo plans to use the tripled amount of funding requested for the game's development to "make a game that people talk about the way they do Fallout and Wasteland, 10 or 20 years from now ... I don't make any money from this."

Wasteland 2 will offer its roster of NPCs to your God complex on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms at a to-be-determined date. Those who pledged $55 or more to the game's Kickstarter will be granted access to the beta that's planned for October.

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