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Kids under 13 with approved educational accounts can now access the iTunes Store


Macworld reports that Apple on Thursday made a slight adjustment to its iTunes Terms and Conditions. Under the new T&C, children under the age of 13 can now have their own iTunes account with access to applications and book services if their Apple ID was provided at the bequest of an educational institution.

iTunes accounts were previously limited to children aged 13 and up, but with the impending release of iOS 7, Apple noted that schools will now be able to "facilitate Apple obtaining verifiable parental consent for personal Apple IDs for students under age 13."

The new terms and conditions for iTunes now reads in part:

These App and Book Services are only available for individuals aged 13 years or older, unless you are under 13 years old and your Apple ID was provided to you as a result of a request by an approved educational institution. If you are 13 or older but under the age of 18, you should review this Agreement with your parent or guardian to make sure that you and your parent or guardian understand it.
The change comes as Apple continues to make a strong iPad push into educational markets. You might recall that the Los Angeles Unified School District is planning to hand out iPads to 640,000 students. At the same time, iOS 7 will introduce a number of new tools for educational institutions and teachers that will help them streamline the deployment of new devices and manage devices in use by students.

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