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Rocksmith 2014 will be a 'fully responsive personal teacher'

Rocksmith 2014's lesson mode will explain the causes for a player's mistakes and offer advice on how to fix them, an update to Ubisoft's blog announced this week.

While the original Rocksmith told players when they were making mistakes, Rocksmith 2014 will explain exactly what's going wrong. If a player is struggling with a concept, the game will "pull you out of the interactive portion of the lesson and give you further instructions - this time with additional camera angles and tips."

Ubisoft's update states that Rocksmith 2014 will triple the amount of lessons offered in the original game, covering everything from tuning a guitar to advanced playing techniques like tapping notes.

Rocksmith 2014 will strap up for the 360, PS3 and PC this October. The game's soundtrack will include Jake White, Bob Dylan, Alice In Chains and more artists to be revealed at a later date. Pre-orders will include The Smashing Pumpkins' Cherub Rock as a bonus track.

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