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Darkfall tweaks Sea Fortress events, Slayer barrage skill

Jef Reahard

This week's planned Darkfall patch is worth noting for a couple of reasons. No, those reasons aren't the new frigate and the new ship of the line, though they are both pretty slick.

We're talking about the introduction of Agon's new Sea Fortresses, which Aventurine is touting as "a big server event." The firm has adjusted the frequency of the events from every three days to every six and 11 days. In particular, the second fortress event will feature "appropriately bigger loot." Drops will include a big chunk of gold and possibly runestones, portal shards, black powder, cannons, modules, advanced ship modules, and more.

Aventurine also previews changes to the Slayer's barrage skill in its latest dev blog. Click through the links below to read all about it.

[Thanks Dengar!]

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