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Dishonored 66% off in final day of Quakecon Steam sale


Sunday is the final day of the Quakecon Steam sale, and it's going out with a quiet, stealthy bang – Dishonored is 66 percent off ($10.20) through August 5 at 10AM PT. Also 66 percent off are the three Dishonored DLC packs, Dunwall City Trials ($1.70), The Knife of Dunwall ($3.40) and Void Walker's Arsenal ($1.35).

Still on offer today is the Quakecon Pack, which includes 45 id Software and Bethesda games for $90, normally priced at $344. The Quakecon Pack features Dishonored and its DLC, Doom 3 and all of its variants, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the Elder Scrolls series, Rage, Wolfenstein 3D and the Quake games. Each game is available at an individually discounted price as well.

During Quakecon this week, we got a peek at John Carmack's explanation of ambient occlusion and learned that the Rage franchise isn't dead quite yet.

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