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Ouya-exclusive Polarity reaches Steam Greenlight, offers Oculus Rift support

BlueButton Games' first-person puzzler Polarity will add a chamber to its labrynth-like vault for the PC with Oculus Rift support if it's voted onto Steam Greenlight, Eurogamer reports.

Craig Littler, founder of the one-man studio, claims he "wasn't asking for much" when he tried to negotiate with Ouya, Inc. for the necessary revenue to retain Polarity's Ouya exclusivity. Littler says "they were fairly resistant to change and as such I think there will be plenty of devs who just use them as 'another platform' rather than committing to them exclusively."

While Littler knows Polarity isn't a blockbuster, he wants "as many people to play it as possible so I can fund my next project." Polarity follows TowerFall as the next Ouya exclusive to call off its engagement and launch on additional platforms. We noted both as highlights during the Ouya's launch.

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