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The Queue: More Zul'Drak

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

Just gonna continue on my "Zul'Drak rules" kick from yesterday with the great "God Hunters" theme from the zone.

KirgenF asked:

Wouldn't it make more sense for any new class that is added to use intel plate? There is currently one spec of one class that uses the gear with no competition. Even intel mail is used by at least two specs (though using two diff types of secondary stats).

I think the devs have gone on record saying that they're not really interested in making classes based on armor class distribution anyway, but yeah, int plate is another armor type that could use more desirability. The likelihood is higher, though, that they'd get rid of int plate altogether rather than "having" to make a new class who uses it.

Ozzle asked:

Since there are Gnome snipers at the Gnomeregon area where the gnomes make there characters, is there any chance that blizzard will make gnomes a playable hunter race?

Last time people asked about new race/class combos, Blizzard said that what we have now is probably all we'll get, but I agree that gnome hunters isn't exactly lore-breaking.

JimTouhy asked:

I'd like if there was an expansion or patch wherein a cure for the forsaken in discovered. We could administer it to Syl and then have to fight the darkness inside her for it to take effect. That way she's still around for her fans, and the people who dont like her get to kill the worst of her. Also, a redeemed Syl would be awesome leading like an army of redeemed forsaken.

I'd also like to see Lorderon's dead returned to life setting up a horde freindly human settlement.

but then there's lots I'd like to see :P

First, Sylvanas wasn't raised by the plague, so technically a plague cure probably wouldn't help her very much. But in terms of the rest of the Forsaken, I consulted with Anne on this one, and here's what she said:

"I'm pretty sure that if a cure for the plague was found, it would end up killing the Forsaken, honestly - not magically bringing them back to life. I mean, they were alive, then they were dead. Now they're undead because of the plague. Remove the undead, you have...dead people."

AleksQamar asked:

Ater we let her "die alone" in Scholomance, what happened to Lilian Voss? She has already dealt with the Scarlet Crusade and the Scourge under the command of the Darkmaster has (probably) disbanded after the death of Gandling and the lifting of the course over the souls of the Barov family; so she is pretty much "done" with her revenge, except from Sylvannas.

But then again, she was left almost dead in Scholomance. What has happened to her?

Dying inside a bastion of necromancy probably wouldn't have been the greatest fate for our little plague-ridden firebrand, but if it makes you feel better, LIllian is nowhere to be found once the dungeon is cleared. We'll see.
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