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Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter successful


The Alice: Otherlands crowdfunding campaign successfully jabberwocky'd off with $222,377. The Kickstarter by game designer American McGee sought to purchase the film rights to the Alice games, which are owned by Collision Entertainment.

"The funding will allow us to create a series of animated short films, pursue larger animated series possibilities, begin development work on a feature film and access larger funding options for a possible feature film production in the future," said McGee in a Kickstarter update.

McGee's course correction to use the more popular Alice series for Kickstarter came after an unsuccessful (and eventually canceled) attempt to crowdfund OZombie, a darker vision of L. Frank Baum's OZ. That project concluded with $141,513 raised by 2,607 backers of a $950,00 goal.

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