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ECBC's Rolling Luggage Collection perfect for short trips, charges your devices


Techies and travelers who want the perfect luggage for a short trip don't need to look any further; ECBC has announced that they're now taking orders for the new Rolling Luggage Collection and will be shipping the products on August 12.

The collection consists of three rolling bags, all of which feature a TSA-compliant fold-out storage compartment for your up-to-15-inch MacBook Pro and other tech gadgetry, as well as a built-in rechargeable charging station and a special padded pocket for your iPad or iPad mini The bags are perfect for those situations where you're stuck in a crowded airport waiting area with no access to an empty power plug, but need to give your iPhone a bit of juice.

The first of the bags is the Sparrow Rolling Garment Bag Carry-On (US$399.99, at upper right), which has a fold-out garment section for organizing dress clothes. Next is the Falcon Rolling Duffle (below), which comes in 26" ($349.99) and 30" ($399.99) models, and features built-in expandability for carrying the extra stuff you inevitably pick up on a trip. Finally, there's the $399.99 Pegasus Wheeled Backpack, which provides the flexibility of being used either as a backpack or a wheeled suitcase.

ECBC's Rolling Luggage Collection perfect for short trips, charges your devices

TUAW has reviewed ECBC products before, and they're all extremely high-quality bags. With the addition of the Rolling Luggage Collection, the company is giving tech-savvy travelers a perfect way to pack both clothes and technology into a single bag complete with a charging unit. If you purchase by August 11 and use the promo code "luggage30", you can receive 30 percent off your order and get free shipping to boot.

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