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FileMaker lays off 20 employees after discontinuing Bento


Apple-owned FileMaker, Inc. has sadly laid off 20 employees following the discontinuation of its Bento software last week, reports AppleInsider. The layoffs come after FileMaker released a statement noting that the company was discontinuing its Bento database software in favor of focusing on FileMaker. According to AppleInsider:

Sources say Thursday's rumored job cuts are closely related to Bento's demise, adding California-based external representatives, sales engineers, and technical support staff were let go. The layoffs may extend further, however, as at least one person responsible for sales of the flagship FileMaker software is said to no longer be with the company.

FileMaker has said that growth of its flagship FileMaker software on iOS was one of the reasons for discontinuing Bento, but with the layoffs and restructuring going on at the company it does seem that more is afoot. Before the layoffs, FileMaker was reported to employee 300 people. The company was formed in 1998 and grew out of Claris.

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