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Namco 'looking for the right time' to discuss Tekken X Street Fighter


Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada told Siliconera today that Tekken X Street Fighter is still in development, with Namco waiting for the right time to present it after it announced the game almost three years ago.

"We will say first off that the game is still in development, so you don't need to worry about that. There are several reasons why we haven't released any updates. One of the reasons is, Street Fighter X Tekken was released. That still had updates until recently."

Harada added that Street Fighter X Tekken managed to cultivate a new audience, one that wasn't already invested in either of the titular fighters it draws from. "That was very unexpected, but quite cool. It's something we want to take care and grow. Rather than throw out our title right away while those people are still interested in [Street Fighter X Tekken] we are looking for the right time because we are still developing [Tekken X Street Fighter]."

The last update Harada provided on the game was back in March, when he announced Namco was looking at "changing and considering platform strategy."

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