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Community Blog Topic Results: What faction story do you want to see more of?

On the last Community Blog Topic we asked what playable faction'story you would like to see more of in-game. I made the distinction between in-game lore and the outside sources (comics, short stories, novels, etc.) that many players don't read. My first choice was most people's first choice as well: the Gilneans.


WordGardener at Deletrix's World of Warcraft Blog agrees with me about the Worgen.

Gilnean architecture is simply stunning. I love the old, steampunk, fantasy feel of Worgen architecture. The characters have so much flavor, so much possibility.

So I was pretty stunned when that ball got dropped, hot-potato-style.

Chad2 has some questions he wants answered.

I'd like to see more of how they view druidism and how that fits in with the Harvest-witches and their beliefs. Where has the most industrial human kingdom gone and will it's people bring that back or just stay in the woods? How does the rest of the Alliance view them? How has the worgen "blessing" - and it's a blessing and no longer curse, just ask Varian, affected Gilnean society?

And Jordan had this to say:

They have so much potential as a race. For instance, they are not only resistant to the forsaken plague but they have one of the most talented alchemists in Azeroth on their side.


A close second to the worgen are the draenei. HerrKlokbok over at The Exodar Sisters characterizes them this way:

Right now, what we have is this: The seriously bad gangbangers of space, the Eredar, seems to have come out alive on the other side of a cosmic penitentary program and promptly been hired as the Universes SWAT-team (ok, draenei mostly flee but you know, the Cosmos is a vicious 'hood).

Kyrt had some suggestions as to where to go with the Draenei storylines.

....reclaiming and rebuilding their holy sites and towns in Draenor. Rebuilding their race. Helping the Lost and Broken. Can we see their Shamans visit Netherstorm to try and rebuild the land there? Did they have other settlements on other continents on Draenor? Settlements that were beyond the reach of the Orcs and which may have survived the destruction?And - more proactive - scout missions to various worlds they know have fallen to the Legion. Why not a raid back to Argus to retrive som important artifact or gain some new intel?

And Revets had more suggestions.

the potential details of the decisions made my Archimonde and Kil'Jaden in relation to their deteriorating relationship with Velen during the Legion's arrival. The swamp of sorrow questline is just begging to be built upon along with all of the broken. Finally, one of my favorite characters, Akama, could make an appearance to offer his inside knowledge on the Legion when they return.


Next on the list come the gnomes. After a history of Operation: Gnomeregan -- which did not end in the gnomes retaking their city -- hstein31 over at Halbert's Cubicle had this to say about the gnomes:

Most of the factions could use some time in the narrative spotlight, but if there is one race in Warcraft that needs a lore update, it's the Gnomes. They are the only race whose status quo has remained unchanged since the opening days of WoW.

And pyrephoenix at Corhi, casually said,

They're poised to finally reclaim Gnomeregan once and for all, they've developed ways to heal irradiated gnomes still lost... and yet they sit and wait. For what?!

Kyrt has a suggestion.

They need a focus. They need character. For that, I'd go back to the old lore for the race. Gnomes used to work in pairs. One mad genius who came up with weird and wacky inventions, and a sane one to hold him back. I'd like to propose we take the sane one out back and quietly have him shot. Make the Gnomes a race with more than their fair share of mad geniuses. Maybe have them get into augmentation in a big way - cyber gnomes!!!


The remaining factions on this list ranked far below worgen, draenei, and gnomes in votes. But the dwarfs come in at a distant fourth. JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard has some suggestions.

I would like to know more about the clans, especially the council of three hammers. [...] The quests in Twilight Highlands to reunite the clans were great. I would like to know more though. Why are they where they are. It would have been amazing to have helped Magni forge the Ashbringer. I think this would make a cool Caverns of Time dungeon or scenario. Perhaps the lorewalkers can come to the old world and clue us in.


There were many calls for more stories for the Alliance in general. Ursus_i09 explains why.

The Alliance is often accused of being a boring faction, and I think that's correct - but only because Blizzard so often neglects the variety and the interesting layers the non-human Alliance races could bring to the table, which is bizarre, because it's something they capture with the Horde so very well.


We finally come to a Horde faction. JackRobb suggests:

... the Tauren need more love. Where did we leave Magatha Grimtotem, just hanging out in Thousand Needles after we inexplicably helped her gain power? It'd be nice to see some follow up on that and more with Baine other than him standing in Razor Hill next to Vol'jin.


The Forsaken come next. Though they received a lot of love in Cataclysm, many wish to see the continuation of their story. Swiddlesvideos over at Swidbits explains.

The Forsaken armies can't just be stuck in limbo, can they? They're barely in Pandaria and they have no other commitments so SOMETHING must have happened. Surely Sylvanas was able to capitalise on the Alliance's preoccupation with Garrosh.

Night elves

A few people want to see the night elves more involved, like jamesfkirk:

For a major lore race, they are so sidelined it's shameful. Tyrande NEEDS more presence, better characterisation (and probably a divorce). Night elves in general are that "different, but understandable" race, they have incredible storyline potential, and leaving it to waste is like stating that we don't want those oil fields on Alaska.


Goblins come next, with most people wanting to see more from Gallywix. Back to JackRobb ...

A faction without a faction leader is kind of silly. 5.3 was a golden opportunity for Gallywix to show up, trying to make gold off every side in the Barrens affair, and then get pissed off over what happened in the Heart of Pandaria scenario. People rightly complain that the Worgen get to hang out in Night Elf territory and their homeland is gone, but the goblins were forced into a slum and have no leader.

There was some love for blood elves and a couple shoutouts for the Ebon Blade. There was also one person wanting more Stormwind human lore and another who wants more human lore that is not from Stormwind.

If you have a suggestion for a future community blog topic, please leave it in the comments below.

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