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Firefox 23 brings built-in sharing and mixed content blocking to desktop browser


Mozilla released Firefox 23 today, and the update brings some interesting new features for sharing and security. Fans of Firefox's existing social media sidebar, which integrates various sites like Facebook to the side of your screen, will enjoy the new improvements that have been made for sharing.

Now users can share directly from the sidebar without having to leave their current page. If you're in the middle of reading an article on Rolling Stone, for example, this new feature will allow you to post about it to your Facebook, Cliqz or other social pages without leaving the site. At the moment the service only works with Facebook Messenger for Firefox and Cliqz, but more providers will be added when they start using the social API.

On the security front, version 23 adds mixed-content blocking to Firefox's security measures. The setting is enabled by default and helps prevent man-in-the-middle attacks while visiting HTTPS sites. When you visit an HTTPS site that also loads assets from a HTTP site, the browser will block scripts running on those sites. Users can turn the setting off for individual sites, or completely if they so choose -- it's a nice addition for security-minded web surfers.

You can find the complete changelog for version 23 over here. It's available as a free download over at Mozilla's site.

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