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Gamersgate summer sale final week discounts indie games


We're in the final week of Gamersgate's summer sale, offering you one more chance to deplete your savings pick up any stray PC and Mac indie games for your collection at a discount.

This week's deals include Plush, Sanctum 2, Din's Curse and Capcom's eXceed Collection at a 50 percent discount. Pid, Legend of Grimrock and Wizorb are each 66 percent off, while Little Inferno can be purchased for $6.67 (a 33 percent discount). The site's daily deals for today include Sentinel 3: Homeworld for $2.39, Papo & Yo for $3.75, Deponia for $5 and Talisman: Prologue for $2.49.

Gamersgate is continuing to offer a couple of publisher bundles on the cheap this week, with the Trine Complete, Sanctum, Operation Stormfront, Noble Master's strategy games and Fatshark bundles each 75 percent off. Runic Games' Torchlight Complete Pack is just $17.50 this week, a 50 percent discount.

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