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Intel targets schools with Atom-powered Android tablets, mad scientist apps

Sharif Sakr

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Intel's new education-focused tablets won't stir much envy among the iPad-toting kids of L.A., but they may suit more budget-conscious school districts. There are 10-inch and 7-inch versions, both simply branded "Education Tablets" and both running Atom Z2460 processors with low-end specs (laid out at the source link) and either Android 4.0 or 4.1. The hardware should just about cope with the bundled software, which includes titles like Kno Textbooks, Intellisense's camera app that works with a snap-on magnification lens and PASCO's SPARKvue science app that hooks up to thermal probes and other sensors that will likely require careful teacher supervision. We wish we had clear prices for these things, but there's a whole step-by-step consultation process to wade through before Intel talks money.

Intel pushes Atompowered Android tablets for schools

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Intel Introduces Android-Based Education Tablet Reference Design to Support Student Engagement and Success

10-inch tablet to foster interactive, collaborative learning


Intel introduces education tablet reference design with Intel® Education Software created to engage students in learning, help teachers teach and protect technology investment.
The tablet features eLearning tools to make classrooms more engaging, including an e-Reader, science exploration and data analysis application, painting tools and accessories, snap-on magnification lens and plug-in thermal probe.
Intel's comprehensive approach is based on experience with more than 10 million students and teachers in 100 countries.
SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Intel introduced an education-focused tablet reference design, featuring an Intel® Atom™ chip and the Android* operating system code-named Ice Cream Sandwich*. The Intel Education tablet is specifically for education, featuring student-friendly designs that empower students to create compelling content. Features including front- and rear-facing cameras, a stylus, integrated speakers and microphones bring interactive, multimedia content into learning.

The tablet is fully equipped with Intel Education Software, a comprehensive suite of applications including an e-Reader, science exploration and data analysis application and painting tools. It also has management software that provides teachers and administrators with tools to protect students and manage technology.

"Intel remains committed to helping teachers and students achieve better results through the development of complete solutions that span the hardware, software and digital content required for a 21st century learning experience," said John Galvin, vice president of Intel's Sales and Marketing Group and general manager of Intel Education. "The tablet we are introducing is one additional step in a 10 year journey."

The Intel Education tablet with a 10-inch screen has a dual-core Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2460, an Android 4.0 operating system, more than 6.5 hours of battery life, and weighs 1.5 lbs. Intel also offers an Intel Education tablet with a 7-inch screen, single-core Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2420, an Android 4.1 operating system, nearly 8 hours of battery life and weighs .78 lbs. Both tablets are equipped with McAfee Mobile Security*. The screens have even been designed with shock-absorbers, so they are cushioned in case of a fall.

The tablets are designed to enable interactive, collaborative learning to prepare students for success in school and beyond. These reference designs align with the Intel Education platform, which assists teachers and students in technology-enhanced learning.

In our increasingly complex world, Intel recognizes that curiosity, critical thinking and a quality education are necessary to prepare today's students for tomorrow's jobs. Intel Education empowers students for lifelong success through hardware, software and professional development that helps educators use technology effectively and enhances student achievement. Intel's proven education solutions have helped more than 10 million teachers improve education for hundreds of millions of students in 100 countries. They help enhance student achievement, expand opportunities for growth, and build an innovation economy.

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