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Twitter for iOS and Android bestowed with security updates, new photo galleries

Brad Molen

iOS and Android users should be seeing an update to the official Twitter app on their devices today, and there are a few enhancements to the app's login verification process as well as a few feature changes. First, the security-based improvements: you're able to enroll in login verification and approve login requests directly from the app, with no SMS messages required. It all revolves around push notifications, so your phone number isn't even necessary; you'll also enjoy international support, details about location and browser, backup codes and more. Additionally, social context is now included with the search menu, which allows you to see how you're connected to various users, and there's also a new photo gallery in search that can be accessed by pressing "view more photos" in your search results. Lastly, the iOS app has a few tweaks of its own: you'll be able to see the same photo gallery UI on user profiles so you can see all of a specific account's images, and you can also manage lists within the app itself. Check out the official blog for more details.

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