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Comcast tests cloud DVR app for iOS, brings live TV and recordings to mobiles


Comcast announced plans for cloud based recordings with its upcoming X2 platform rollout, but FierceCable has spotted an iOS app in iTunes that's ready for the feature. Published by Comcast Interactive Media, the Comcast Labs DVR app promises access to user's cDVR service while behind their Comcast modem. What we can see of the UI is very basic, but the setup screens promise a "revolutionary new DVR that streams live TV and shares your recording to tablets, phones and all your TVs" and download recordings to mobile devices for viewing "on the go away from home - even offline." There's no hint as to when this will be available for more people, but the evidence is clear that it will take on competition including Sling, DirecTV's Nomad and TiVo's Stream.

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