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Polar polls show high user acceptance of iOS 7 UI and icons


iOS 7 is now in its fifth beta incarnation and going through intense scrutiny by developers as the release date for the new mobile OS nears. Several iOS 7 beta testers have apparently decided to break NDA and conduct polls to judge the public's opinion on both the user interface and specific app icons when compared to the iOS 6 versions.

Polar user LukeW went through the various iOS interface elements such as switches, the date picker, status bar, navigation bar, etc. and asked the public to vote on whether they preferred the iOS 6 or iOS 7 version. In every case, the iOS 7 versions were the winner. While I won't go through every result, here are some vote results for important iOS 7 UI elements:

  • Date Picker -- iOS 7: 1,365 votes, iOS 6: 404 votes
  • Status Bar -- iOS 7: 1,199 votes, iOS 6: 543 votes
  • Share Sheet -- iOS 7: 1,022 votes, iOS 6: 261 votes
  • Lock Screen -- iOS 7: 1,054 votes, iOS 6: 254 votes
  • Notification -- iOS 7: 1,087 votes, iOS 6: 200 votes

Of course, there were certain commenters who hated all of the iOS 7 elements in this decidedly unscientific poll (we're looking at you, autumn...).

Not to be outdone, Polar user Giantsquid looked at side-by-side comparisons of app icons. The results weren't as grossly tilted towards iOS 7 as they were in the UI elements poll:

  • Contacts icon -- iOS 7: 19,702 votes, iOS 6: 8,979 votes
  • Siri icon -- iOS 7: 6,914 votes, iOS 6: 8,243 votes
  • Passbook icon -- iOS 7: 16,096 votes, iOS 6: 14,233 votes
  • Maps icon -- iOS 7: 10,904 votes, iOS 6: 4,195 votes
  • Safari icon -- iOS 7: 10,597 votes, iOS 6: 17,593 votes

The results of both of these polls are subject to scrutiny; the votes represent only a tiny sample of the millions of iOS users around the world. But it's interesting to see how people are reacting to the look and feel of iOS 7 -- mostly in a positive light.

[via 9to5Mac]

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