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Professor Layton x Ace Attorney announced for west, due in 2014 [Now with trailer!]


Nintendo announced Professor Layton x Ace Attorney will make its way to the west in 2014. Today's Nintendo Direct confirmed the 3DS game, released in Japan last year, hits North America next year. Nintendo of Europe went one better in its broadcast, dating it "early 2014."

The crossover game, which combines Professor Layton's puzzle-solving with Phoneix Wright's cross-examinations, is not the only Layton game coming to North America next year. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, the sixth and (currently) final main entry in the Layton series, will join it on 3DS sometime next year. However, Europe can chalk another early arrival over North America; the game is now dated to hits retail shelves and eShops over there on November 8.

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