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Comcast releases DVR app for iOS to take on Sling, Tivo


Comcast has quietly snuck a new cloud-based DVR app into the iTunes store, according to Engadget. The app actually showed up back in July, but is only being spotted now. The reason for that is because the app is companion software to a Comcast service that has not rolled out to a large audience yet. That service is called X2 and combines a set-top box with cloud storage to allow anyone to DVR their favorite shows and store them in the cloud.

Once the service rolls out, the Comcast Labs DVR app will allow users to access their cloud-based DVR (cDVR) programs when behind a Comcast modem. From the app's description:

The Comcast Labs DVR app enables advanced functionality associated with your new cDVR service.

This app is intended for customers of our new cDVR Service enabling our new best-in-class DVR service. With this app, customers will have access to their Comcast video services on an iPad or iPhone while in their home behind a Comcast cable modem.

As Engadget notes, the cDVR service and app are clearly designed to take on similar services from Sling, DirecTV and TiVo.

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