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    Daily iPhone App: Give your butt a workout in Butterfly Sky


    Butterfly Sky by Funday Factory was one of just a handful of apps that scored funding from the Kiip 2013 Build Fund, which gives indie developers with promising ideas the chance to create their apps. After playing severals hours of the game, I can safely say that the awarded funding was well spent.

    You play as Brian, a small creature -- I hesitate to say "person" because Brian is really just a face with arms and legs -- who lives on the back of a cheerful whale. It's up to you to help feed the whale and continue your journey to new areas, but this whale is strange: he only eats butterflies.

    The fun begins with your aquatic friend launching you high into the sky in search of his favorite food, and luckily the heavens are chock full of them. As you collect the butterflies you must bounce along floating clouds using your butt, with bonus points being awarded to collecting a specific set of insects or hitting specially numbered clouds in succession.

    Daily iPhone App Give your butt a workout in Butterfly Sky

    When you miss a cloud and land below on your floating companion your collection is tallied. You can use the collected butterflies as currency in an upgrade shop to unlock new outfits, new house styles, and performance bonuses.

    The game does offer a number of different in-app purchases that allow you to fast-track your progress, but when the butt-bouncing gameplay is so enjoyable I don't see why you'd want to pay to skip it. In addition to the butterflies and other common items you'll also have the opportunity to collect rare butterflies and complete missions by meeting specific criteria, which adds some long-term goals to the basic game premise.

    Butterfly Sky is a great time waster and a feel-good casual game that can be mastered in just a matter of minutes. It also happens to be free to play. You may find yourself tempted to drop some real-world cash to boost your progress, but making your way to new areas and unlocking special items is possible without it.

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