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FIFA 14 Gamestop pre-orders can dance if they want to


Pre-order FIFA 14 at Gamestop and take three exclusive dance moves to the pitch: "The Business," "Riding the Wave" and "Bellyflop." Riding the Wave, as demonstrated in the gif below, is kind of like an impression of an amputee octopus saying hello and goodbye.

Pre-orders at Gamestop also get 24 Premium Gold FIFA Ultimate Team Packs and probably other adjectives. Any early purchases of FIFA 14 through Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Wal Mart or Origin get Ultimate Team gold packs, without the "premium" designation. FIFA 14 launches on September 24 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and will come to Xbox One and PS4 using EA's Ignite engine.

Preorder FIFA 14 at Gamestop, get exclusive dance moves

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