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TERA teases its political system overhaul in both the US and EU [Updated]

Jef Reahard

Gameforge has issued a press release detailing an alliance update for TERA Europe scheduled for later this month. There's a new political system in the works along with a "continent-comprehensive" PvP mode that awards winners with priority access to instanced dungeons.

Players will be able to ally themselves with the Velika, the Allemantheia, or the Kaiator (and their faction-specific bonuses), as well as join in the battle for the mysterious mineral Noctenium. Gameforge has released an update-specific teaser trailer that you can view after the break.

[Update: En Masse has just sent out a press release noting that the American version of the Alliance update will go live on August 13th. We've also included two exclusive screenies along with the Web Comic!]

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