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Mac Variety Bundle


Once in a while we'll pull out a special deal from our Deals page to highlight on the site. This time I wanted to call attention to the Mac Variety Bundle. This is over US$300 of software for the low price of $39 -- quite a deal.

What's included? There are eight applications, but I'd like to call out a couple I'm quite fond of. First is CrossOver Mac, which allows you to run Windows apps on your Mac without Windows. CrossOver is really cool, but if there are specific applications which you want to run, head over to the compatibility search page and see if your Windows apps are supported. CrossOver has a great tech called CrossTie, which allows you to quickly install applications. CrossOver currently supports over 1,500 applications with CrossTie, so the odds are fairly good that installing Windows apps on your Mac will be a very simple affair.

Keep in mind that CrossOver isn't the same as Parallels or other virtualization software, so if you're looking to replace Boot Camp or Parallels, there are still advantages to running another OS within Mac OS. That said, CrossOver can be a real help if you switched to Mac and need a couple of legacy apps to run, and they are supported.

If that's not enough for you, iTeleport (just the Mac version) is included in the bundle. iTeleport is my VNC of choice, and I quite frequently use it to operate my Mac from my iPad or iPhone. You can also use it from one Mac to another, which I also do when I'm at my standing desk, but need to access something from the Mac in my office.

Both of those are worth the price of admission, but you also get Mac Data Recovery Guru for rescuing files, Sparkbox for organizing graphic assets, PDF Editor for Mac, Fast Toggles, Wondershare Video Converter (I use this to turn pro video files into something iMovie can use) and CleanApp.

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