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Patch 5.4 PTR: Warlock class mounts get green fire


It's been a while since warlocks finally, finally got what their blackened hearts desired -- the ability to tinge their spells with the verdant fire of fel magic. And now, at last, as Adriacraft shows us in the video above, the fel corruption has spread to their mounts.

I have to say, my long-standing preference for the Felsteed over the Dreadsteed remains unchanged. I think this looks great with the green fire as opposed to its usual orange hue, and particularly for those locks who play specs where they don't cast many spells affected by the green fire, this is a great change. What's your take on it? Do you like them now, or did you like them better before? Be kind, by all accounts it's not easy being green.

I wonder whether the Dreadsteed will leave a trail of green fire when it does its water-walking trick now...

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