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EQII gamer goes missing after cross-country trip [updated]


One of EverQuest II's players, Katherine Masson, was driving home from Las Vegas when apparently she vanished. According to The Raven-Mythic, she has been missing for over two days now after sending out a text message from a rest stop in New York. A police report has been filed, but there have been no announced leads concerning her disappearance.

So what happens when one of our own gamers goes missing? The community mobilizes, of course. The folks at The Raven-Mythic, an EverQuest II roleplaying guild, are continually updating a thread about Katherine's disappearance, spreading the word, and doing some of their own detective work.

Katherine is also known as Jia, Essie, and Willasye in-game. Her last known location was at a rest stop near Albany, NY off of I-90, heading toward Boston. Parties with any information should contact Dan at

[Update: It now appears that Katherine has chosen to disappear in Las Vegas and she has done something similar at least once in the past. The owner of The Raven-Mythic writes, "By all accounts, Kate's issues caused her to use Dan, and by extension, use a lot of us. And that's terrible on many levels. Please don't let that diminish the fact that, as a community, we proved our worth in spades."]

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