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Rage design director now at Oculus too


Another id employee is now at Oculus VR, but this time it's definitely a former one. As GameFront reports, Rage Design Director Matt Hooper joined the team behind the Oculus Rift this month, becoming the company's Director of Development. The move means he's joining forces again with id co-founder John Carmack, who's serving as Oculus' Chief Technology Officer. Carmack is still working at id Software.

Hooper left id in February of this year, a couple of months before reports of Doom 4's rocky development emerged in the wake of purported disappointment with Rage, and Rage 2's alleged cancelation. Todd Hollenshead then left his position as id Software President in June after 17 years with the company to "pursue other personal interests."

Earlier this month, id director Tim Willits told us that, while there are no immediate plans for it, the Rage franchise "is not dead."

"We're not doing anything immediately with it," he said, "But when I designed the universe, I designed it in such a way that it would be easy to step back into. I'm still proud that we did something that was different – it wasn't like the games that we've done in the past."

As for Oculus, the company started shipping out its virtual reality Rift headsets back in March, and in June secured $16 million in investor funding - that's in addition to the $2.4 million generated on Kickstarter. Oculus CEO Brendan Rift said the company would be using the money to hire "more smart people" to bulk up its team, and the last few days have certainly served as proof.

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