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Storybricks and Voxel Farm: The indie contribution to EQ Next

MJ Guthrie

Here at Massively, we've had our eye on Storybricks for quite some time; the idea of NPCs reacting to players individually was just drool-worthy. So there was definite excitement when this indie outfit announced its collaboration on the upcoming EverQuest Next. But Storybricks isn't the only indie project playing a major role in the development of SOE's new game: Voxel Farm, the voxel-based procedural engine, is responsible for the landscape of both EQ Next and EverQuest Next Landmark.

In recent interviews, US Gamer talks with both Storybricks developer Brian Green and Voxel Farm creator Miguel Cepero about their respective work on the games. Cepero spoke about why he created the software ("I became obsessed with creating virtual worlds.") and his hopes of moving into voxel-based creatures. Among other things, Green shared this tidbit about using an intelligent AI:
"It might also be something like maybe if you're fighting something and a second monster comes and the second monster hates the monster you're fighting more than it hates you, it might actually join in on your side. This is a possibility; something that could happen. It depends on the situation."
[Thanks to Matixzun for the tip]

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