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Today is a big day of legal wrangling for Apple


The LA Times has a good breakdown of what's happening today. Today, Apple has three coincidental rulings set to happen. The first is with the ITC, the same group who handed Apple a loss to Samsung, which was then vetoed by the president (something that hasn't happened in decades). In this case, the ITC will be ruling on four more patents which Apple claims Samsung violated. The Korean government said it will also be watching -- for favoritism.

Then there's a hearing related to the US$1 billion judgment against Samsung for infringement. That settlement amount was later reduced to $450 million, but today, a Washington, D.C. court is considering a request by Apple to ban some of the older Samsung devices said to be in violation. So, in addition to punitive fees, Apple wants to ban these devices from being sold here. Sound familiar? It was denied before, so this is an appeal.

Finally there's the nasty e-book pricing situation. This unfortunate case led to a defeat for Apple in court. Today's New York hearing is to determine "remedies" for the price-fixing scheme. Thus far, the courts (in particular, Judge Denise Cote) have been pretty brutal to Apple, seemingly on a vendetta to put Apple in its place. We'll be watching intently to see how deep a hole the government wishes to dig for Apple in this situation.

These three cases, individually might not be a big deal. All of them together could bolster -- or weaken -- Apple's legal bravado.

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