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Patch 5.4 PTR: Flexible Mode testing open this weekend

Anne Stickney

If you've been wanting to test Flexible Mode raiding on the patch 5.4 PTR servers, now's your chance. The Underhold wing of the Siege of Orgrimmar raid will be open all weekend, continuing into Monday on the PTR servers. Players testing the content may queue with anywhere between 10-25 players by using the same interface for finding groups for dungeons, scenarios, or LFR difficulty raids.

Unlike LFR, Flexible mode raids have all the same mechanics as Normal mode bosses. However, the difficulty of the encounters have been tuned to adjust in health and damage depending on how many players are participating in the raid. The Underhold contains Malkorok, Spoils of Pandaria, and Thok the Bloodthirsty, giving players plenty of opportunity to test the challenges of Flexible raiding. If you're interested in testing the content, you can either copy an existing character to the PTR via your account, or create a level 90 premade. If you're planning on testing the content, don't forget to leave feedback in the official thread on the PTR forums!

We've unlocked the Underhold wing of the Siege of Orgrimmar (Malkorok, Spoils of Pandaria, and Thok the Bloodthirsty) for testing over the weekend, continuing into Monday.

Players with a premade group of between 10 and 25 players can queue using the same interface that you'd use for Dungeons, Scenarios, or LFR. Flexible mode bosses have all the same mechanics as the Normal mode versions, but are otherwise tuned to be more forgiving, and will scale in health and damage output with the number of players in the raid. As you go from a 12-player raid to an 18-player raid, for example, some abilities may affect more targets or hit slightly harder, creatures will have more health, and so forth. Difficulty is almost certainly higher than our final target, but we're probably scaling players down a bit too far for testing right now (ilvl 522 for the Underhold wing -- 530 is a probably the right target there, but hotfixing that may not happen until after the weekend).

Please provide specific comments and feedback in the dedicated feedback thread.

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