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Pixel art controllers coming from Hyperkin this September

Jordan Mallory

We've got a hard and fast rule against caps lock here on Joystiq, but don't think we didn't write at least three unacceptably uppercase headlines about Hyperkin's forthcoming line of pixel art controllers for PCs and Macs.

Beyond the aforementioned platforms and the fact that they're slated to release sometime next month, nothing else is known about these double-retro doodads. We're hopeful that the controllers' plentiful angles and corners will somehow tessellate into a comfortable gaming experience, despite what logic and medical science may suggest to the contrary. Still, depending on how much they wind up costing, their comfort index is likely to be completely irrelevant.

Update: Engadget got its hands on Hyperkin's pixelated controllers at E3 and found them to be "quite comfortable to hold and use." It's a medical miracle.

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