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Breakfast Topic: Will you be playing Hearthstone?

We may not have a World of Warcraft expansion to look forward to just yet, but we do know that Hearthstone is coming to beta soon -- before the end of the summer, which is fast approaching. The digital card game isn't exactly WoW, but it does feature a familiar cast of characters, even though they're in a rather different game environment. In fact, gameplay in Hearthstone couldn't be more different than World of Warcraft, but still it looks like fun -- and maybe a way to get our Warcraft fix while we wait for the next big thing to come to our favorite MMO.

Which brings us to the question of the day: will you be jumping into Hearthstone when it arrives as a way to get your Warcraft fix? Or at least trying the beta out? We are, admittedly, pretty excited for a new Warcraft game, no matter the format -- but how about you?

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