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Stiq Figures, July 29 - August 4: Mega Man 6 OST edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Mega Man 2 is the regular favorite of the NES Mega Man games, but that tends to lead to some pretty gross oversights. In this instance, we'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that Mega Man 6's soundtrack was pretty freaking great.

Whether it was the peppy gallop of Tomahawk Man's theme or Centaur Man's relaxed, scale-based theme accompanied by chimes, every track got us in the mood to blast some evil robots to bits. Switching between Rush suits to punch our way to E-tanks or to just fly over anything remotely threatening was a great way to switch up stage progression, but the boss battles stood as solid extensions of Mega Man's traditional rock-paper-scissor power cycle. Mega Man's modern portfolio of work might be limited to retro sequels and his Super Smash Bros. U appearance for now, but let's not forget that he's been in amazing games other than Mega Man 2, okay?

3DS LL: 57,940 [UP] 21,590 (59.39%)
3DS: 17,747 [DOWN] 878 (4.71%)
Vita: 17,702 [DOWN] 2,164 (10.89%)
PS3: 11,743 [DOWN] 157 (1.32%)
Wii U: 10,038 [DOWN] 1,335 (11.74%)
PSP: 6,314 [UP] 290 (4.81%)
Wii: 1,327 [DOWN] 115 (7.98%)
Xbox 360: 288 [DOWN] 30 (9.43%)

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