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Venus Rising to feature sexual PvP, 16 positions

Jef Reahard

So, Venus Rising. Would you like to know more? If so, check out an interview with FoxySoft CEO Alex Allen at MMORPGItalia. Recall that Venus Rising is the adult-oriented title formerly known as Orgia Romanus that has caused something of a stir in the MMO community due to its unapologetic portrayals of sex, nudity, etc.

Allen's interview touches on the three paths available to players (Merchant, Politician, Soldier), but that's not what you're really interested in, is it?

"Sexual activities are very much a part of the player's character development. You can't run around having all the sex you want just like you can't run around killing everything all the time," Allen explains. "Players can progress through 10 levels of expertise to eventually have 16 sexual positions to choose from during an encounter. Players will be able to invite other players into their personal home or a game-provided room to engage in sexual activities. Or players can visit any one of the game-provided brothels to learn from an NPC and gain experience that way."

Venus Rising's PvP will also pertain to sex, though how is not exactly clear other than that both the sex and the PvP will be "consensual." The game will feature a freemium business model with a "low monthly subscription" unlocking the adult content.

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