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Apple expanding USB charger trade-in program beyond China and US


In response to concern over the safety of unofficial USB charging accessories, Apple announced last week that it would be hosting a takeback program in certain retail locations to allow customers to trade in third-party chargers for a discount on the real deal. Now, as 9to5Mac reports, the company is expanding its offerings beyond the US and China, which were the only two territories originally announced alongside the program.

For every discounted USB power adapter you hope to purchase, you'll need to trade in one unauthorized adapter. Here is the current list of countries participating in the trade-in program, along with the corresponding price of the discounted USB chargers:

  • United States -- $10 USD
  • China -- ¥68 CNY
  • Japan -- ¥1,000 JPY
  • Australia -- $14 AUD
  • Canada -- $11 CAD
  • France, Germany and the United Kingdom -- €10 EUR

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