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Steve Jobs posthumously awarded Disney Legends Award


Last weekend at the D23 Expo -- a convention held by Disney for fans -- Steve Jobs was posthumously awarded the Disney Legends award, as noted by MacRumors. The Disney Legends award is given to individuals who make significant contributions to the Walt Disney Company. Jobs was awarded the honor for his role in building Pixar into an animation powerhouse, which he later sold to Disney, and for his work as a member of the Disney board of directors.

Jobs' award was accepted by Pixar co-founder John Lasseter, who gave an emotional speech about the man who saw value in the then-fledgling animation company. In his remarks, Lasseter recounted a talk he and Jobs had during a particularly troubled time when they were making the first Toy Story:

"We were having dinner one day, in the middle of the hardest part of making 'Toy Story', and he started looking off again in the distance and he said: You know John, when we make the computers at Apple. He said the lifespan of that computer is what, three years? He said in five years it's a door stop. Ya know, that's how technology goes. But he said 'if you do your job right what you create and what Pixar creates can last forever."

You can check out the entire speech in the video below.

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