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Vita PSN sale celebrates games from Japan


From the Land of the Rising Sun comes Vita Games of the Falling Prices. Sony's running a two-week PSN sale on Japanese-developed entries for its gaming portable, and, like the toppings on an okonomiyaki, there are a variety of tasty-looking morsels on offer.

The highlights of the first week are Keiji Inafune's action-RPG Soul Sacrifice and Team Ninja port-of-a-port Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, down to $25 and $28, respectively. The discounts are much more appealing with a PS Plus subscription; Soul Sacrifice is just $17.49 and Sigma 2 Plus $19.59. Those prices and the other first week offers are available starting today, through to Monday, August 19.

A couple of fighters top the second week's bill, which runs August 20-26. During that time you can pick up Dead or Alive 5 Plus for $20, but here's an even more attractive equation: Dead or Alive 5 Plus plus PlayStation Plus equals just $10. Similarly, Street Fighter X Tekken looks good at the lowered price of $28, but the PS Plus price of $19.59 is even better.

There are 18 Japanese games in total in the Vita sale; check out the PlayStation Blog for the full list of whens and how muches.

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