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    Yelp iPhone app now lets you post reviews from within, support coming soon to Android

    Darren Murph

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    Here's something that may surprise you: yesterday, Yelp users couldn't actually post reviews from within the company's iPhone app. Wild, right? Today's update, however, changes that, bringing it more in line with rival Foursquare. The revised iOS app, which should be hitting the App Store momentarily, will bring the feature to all users across 22 countries, and we're told that the new button for reviews will appear where the "Tips" button has sat in the past. Interestingly, Yelp intends to still hold some power over what you write -- if your "review" is deemed too brief, it could end up as a tip; thankfully, users can always go back later, add a bit more detail and have it ported over to the review side. Just remember: you can totally get sued for posting negative reviews. Womp, womp.

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