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Apple's Sept. 10 event to disrupt other tech events


September 10 is a big day for the Apple faithful -- it's the day we'll likely get our first glimpse at the company's next smartphone offerings -- but it also happens to be a hot date across the tech world in general, with a laundry list of events all attempting to cram themselves into the same calendar slot. As AllThingsD reports, the Intel Developer Forum, Mobile Future Forward and TechCrunch Disrupt events are all scheduled for Sept. 10 as well.

Apple's iPhone reveal may not shift attendance away from any of these venues in a particularly dramatic fashion, but it most certainly means that you'll be seeing social media buzzing about the iPhone in place of everything else, at least for the day. The best thing to do is brace yourself for all three of these events to be overshadowed by whatever Cupertino has in store.

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