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Blizzard previews the Timeless Isle

Matthew Rossi

There's something to be said for open-ended exploration in World of Warcraft. One of my favorite experiences so far has been bopping around the Isle of Giants, just sort of looking around at all the dinosaurs (cause, well, you know, dinosaurs) and it seems that in patch 5.4, we're going to get an even more involved place to check out with The Timeless Isle.

World bosses? Check, including one that requires a legendary cape to access (and who drops a pair of shoulders I'm invested in) as well as rare mobs that anyone, even Horde and Alliance, can work together to bring down and get some loot. If you want to make friends with Emperor Shaohao, run around attacking everything in sight, or just check out a new landscape the Timeless Isle has things for you to do. If you want, you can even click the Censer of Eternal Agony and flag for PvP even with people in your own faction.

By necessity I'm leaving out tons, so head on over to Blizzard and check it out for yourself.

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