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Bradley Chambers: 'Regular people have no idea how to manage photos on their iPhone'


Bradley Chambers wrote a poignant article that argues Apple needs to beef up its photos app with an offline storage option because most people don't backup their photos. These shutterbugs just snap photos and assume the pictures will always be there because the iPhone is keeping the images safe somewhere in "the cloud." Unfortunately, that is not the case, and many people are disappointed when they accidentally delete a group of cherished photos and discover they can't get them back easily.

Chambers sees this as an opportunity for Apple and proposes several things the company could do to make it easier for people to save their precious memories. First, Apple should switch around PhotoStream and move all the photos to the cloud, while keeping only the most recent photos on the device. He also posits that Apple should bump up the free iCloud storage to 1TB to accommodate these larger photo and video files. I have to agree with Chambers as these changes would be relatively easy for Apple to do and would go a long way to help consumers.

Chambers has a few other suggestions for Apple that you can read about in his post at Chambers Daily.

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