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Drync touts itself as 'the Shazam for wine'


When you are listening to a song that you don't know, but really like, it's common to whip out the ol' iPhone, launch Shazam and find out the name of the tune. But what about a situation where you're drinking a bottle of wine at a restaurant and would like to know more about it or even buy a bottle of that specific brand and vintage? That's the idea behind Drync (free), a "wine image-recognition app" that's been around since 2009, but is re-launching today with a new focus on making over 30,000 wines available for home delivery in 41 states.

Drync provides instant identification of more than 1.7 million different wines simply by snapping a photo of the label with your iOS device. The label -- which doesn't have to be on a wine bottle, so you can even snap an image of a label in a magazine or on a billboard -- runs through a sophisticated image-recognition algorithm and you're presented with information about the wine. Want ratings from other users or wine experts? They're available for a number of wines, and you can also purchase wines for delivery if that's allowed in your state.

If the label you've imaged isn't in the Drync database -- for instance, a Montrachet 1978 from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti -- you can submit the label for a human to curate. Your wine-tasting activities can be shared with your buddies on Facebook or Twitter, and Drync says they'll soon be providing personalized and social recommendations.

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