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iPhone-ready Canary home security breaks $1.25M in funding


A few weeks ago, we highlighted a home-monitoring security system called Canary. The system helps you keep track of your home by monitoring a number of variables, including air quality, vibration, temperature, sound and movement. When something is awry, it will send a detailed alert to your smartphone.

The system also comes with an HD camera with night-vision functionality that allows users to monitor live feeds of their home if they so choose.

Now comes word via MacRumors that Canary has eclipsed the US$100,000 mark it initially sought to generate via Indiegogo. Impressively, Canary recently surpassed the $1.25 million threshold, with MacRumors noting that "the project is on track to become the most successful crowdfunded home product ever."

If all goes according to plan, Canary will begin shipping in May 2014 and will retail for $199.

Below, check out a video of Canary in action.

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