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Release page for Guild Wars 2's upcoming patch vandalized by marauding villain

Anatoli Ingram

If there were any hope remaining that Jennah's state of the nation address will go off without a hitch, it's been utterly dashed. Guild Wars 2 players should probably plan to put their destroyer farming on pause when August 20th rolls around because the enigmatic Scarlet definitely has some unpleasant plans for Divinity's Reach.

The bold foe has vandalized ArenaNet's official release page for the upcoming GW2 content patch, The Queen's Speech -- and she seems to have a love of bright colors, a talent for abstract painting, and a frightening level of hatred for Queen Jennah. As if that weren't foreboding enough, fansites like Guild Wars 2 Guru and our own Richie Procopio also received a pocketwatch accompanied by an ominous poem, the contents of which are tucked behind the break.

Tick tock goes the clock
It's almost time for time to stop
Something you all must understand
Your world is built on fog and sand

You're out of time, your jig is done
It's time for Scarlet to have her fun
She has some hard lessons to teach
To the people of Divinity's Reach

So mark the date in permanent ink
The hour is later than you think
On the twentieth day she'll start her games
And warm her hands over Kryta's flames

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