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The Guided Fate Paradox destined to arrive in November


When The Guided Fate Paradox comes to North America on November 5, the world as we know it will surely end unless we can get hold of the Doctor! Or... perhaps the Nippon Ichi PS3 RPG is one of those not-so-universe-ending paradoxes we've heard so much about.

Sci-fi tomfoolery is apt for The Guided Fate Paradox, a roguelike RPG with Disgaea-like elements, starring a high-schooler who wins godly powers in a mall lottery, and of course must use those powers to travel between worlds and shape the future - does sound a bit like Doctor Who, really.

The game's release date comes courtesy of NISAmerica's site, where pre-orders for its limited edition are now available. The $75 set includes the game, 2-disc soundtrack, hardback art book, print by artist Noizi Ito, and 8 postcard-like character cards.

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