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Demme Learning acquires educational app store KinderTown

Ilene Hoffman

If you are a parent who strolls through the App Store to find a suitable educational app for your child, you're probably familiar with the dizzying array of titles. It's close to impossible to know which apps actually teach, which may bore your child or which are just inferior learning tools. The two-year-old KinderTown provides a solution and its new parent company, Demme Learning, has just the resources to expand its offerings.

KinderTown is a free iOS application that provides reviews, ratings and recommendations for the best educational titles for kids aged 3 to 8. The company's educators and experts have done the work for you, in revealing the best educational apps. You use their app to find what you need and it links through to the App Store to buy or download a free recommended educational program.

Demme Learning, "an independent, family-owned and operated publishing company," provides products and resources to teachers and parents for homeschoolers and small groups. It's best-known product, Math-U-See, is a complete kindergarten through 12th-grade curriculum.

Sarah Perez at TechCrunch reports that KinderTown approached Demme Learning to help expand the mini-lessons it sells to parents. She states that KinderTown founder Steve Welch found that the two companies "shared a common vision, but Demme's strengths were in physical products, and KinderTown's strengths were on the digital-learning side." The acquisition makes sense from the customer perspective, because Demme has the resources to "help build out the parent engagement tools KinderTown was in the process of creating."

"Terms of the deal are not being disclosed, but the deal was all cash," Perez said, adding the deal will see three full-time KinderTown employees joining Demme. Welch will not join his team, due to his family commitments and his work as co-founder at DreamIt Ventures, a venture capital firm.

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[via TechCrunch]

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